Parasite Cleanse Diet. Foods And Herbs To Kill Parasites.

What Can You Eat On A Parasite Cleanse?

Parasite Cleanse Diet. Foods And Herbs To Kill Parasites.
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Have you ever considered that there might be parasites living in your body? What are parasites & how do you get them? How do you get rid of parasites? Is a natural parasite cleanse diet effective? Whether you’ve been diagnosed with parasites by a physician or you are simply curious about how to get rid of parasites naturally, we’ll be sharing everything you need to know. We’ll let you in on the best parasite cleanse and other methods for how to get rid of parasites.

What are Parasites?

Parasites are small organisms that live off their host in order to survive. They infect all sorts of living beings, from cats to dogs, reptiles, and birds. There are even human parasites, meaning you are likely to have one at a point in time. Some parasites can live inside the host without any symptoms at all while others may cause severe side effects. A parasitic infection is when the parasites reproduce, grow, or invade the host’s organs & body, in turn making them ill.

How Do You Get Parasites?

While there are many different ways to become the host for parasites, the most common way is by eating food or drinking water that is contaminated. Another way exposure to parasites happens is by traveling abroad to tropical locations. Sometimes you can be exposed to parasites when swimming in ponds or other natural waters that haven’t been chlorinated to kill bacteria & small organisms.

Symptoms of Parasites

Depending on the type of parasite you have, symptoms will vary. Common parasite symptoms in humans include:

  • Stomach pain & cramps
  • Nausea & vomiting
  • Dehydration
  • Fever
  • Upset stomach
  • Gas
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Weight loss
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Unexplainable aches & pain
  • Skin irritation
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Visible parasites in stool

Types of Parasites

Different types of parasites affect different parts of your body. There are intestinal parasites, stomach parasites, and even parasites that are transmitted sexually. Here a few different types of parasites to look out for:

  • Toxoplasmosis - These parasites cause flu-like symptoms, swollen lymph nodes, and aches & pains.
  • Trichomoniasis - This type of parasite is sexually transmitted and may cause no symptoms. For some, it causes irritation, redness, itching, as well as discharge.
  • Cryptosporidiosis - Stomach cramps & pain, vomiting, nausea, dehydration, fever, and weight loss occur when this parasite is present in the body.
  • Giardiasis - This parasite is responsible for causing diarrhea, upset stomach, gas, & dehydration.
  • Tapeworms - Tapeworms can contaminate water & uncooked meat. They can cause no symptoms for a long time before being detected.
  • Flukes - These parasitic worms cause abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, decreased appetite, and fever.
  • Pinworms aka threadworms - While overall harmless, these parasitic worms can still be problematic causing itching & discomfort. They are most common in children.

While there are more types of parasites you can come into contact with (hookworms, malaria, etc.), the parasites we mentioned are some of the most common kinds that you will run into. If you’ve thought to yourself, “do I have a parasite ?” then think about the symptoms we mentioned and try to get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible.

Diagnosis - What to Do When You’ve Been Diagnosed with Parasites

The best way to tell if you have a parasite is by becoming diagnosed by a doctor. If you’re interested in learning how to know if you have worms or any other type of parasite, it’s not exactly all that pretty. Your doctor will most likely need a stool sample from you. They may also need to test it more than one time in order to get an official diagnosis.

Another way doctors test for parasites is by doing a tape test.

This is a test where they apply tape to the anus to see if pinworm eggs can be retrieved. On top of this, your doctor is likely to carry out blood tests for detecting antibodies associated with parasitic infections. While not as common as the previous methods, an X-ray, CT scan, or MRI may need to be done in order to locate the existence of a parasitic infection.

If you’re uncomfortable with this intensive process, then you can refer to our list of symptoms above to determine whether you have parasites or not. However, the only way you’ll be 100% sure you have parasitic worms in your body is if you’ve seen them yourself in your stool or if you’ve been diagnosed by a professional. Otherwise, you are running on a wild guess. Even then, the parasite cleanse options we’ll be sharing with you can be implemented if you’re suspecting you have parasites.

We highly recommend that you abstain from giving yourself the final diagnosis. When it comes to diagnoses, the best people to do it are doctors. That way you can be sure about what you’re dealing with. If what you suspected was a parasite turned out to be something different, then our parasite cleanse may not be effective to handle your situation.

There are some situations where there is no question whether you need to go to a doctor or not.

While some parasitic infections may cause little to no symptoms, other symptoms can be drastic.

These include: 

  • Passing blood in your stool
  • Pus in your stool
  • Frequent vomiting
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Extreme dehydration

After you’re diagnosed with parasites, you can choose to take a prescribed anti-parasitic medicine that your doctor gives you or you can follow a natural parasite treatment. If your parasite infection is not located in the intestines or stomach, then it would be better to take medication for your parasite rather than follow a parasite detox diet.

How to Treat Parasites

Once you’ve determined you have a parasite, you may consider a DIY parasite cleanse to be your preferred method of treatment. Sure, you could get a parasite treatment prescribed by your doctor, but these medications can often have bad side effects on your body. A natural parasite cleanse diet can be harmful to your body if you’re not in a healthy state. But if you’re in the clear, you’ll gain more benefits aside from getting rid of your parasites.

Parasite Cleanse Home Remedies

One of the best ways to get rid of parasites naturally is with a parasite cleanse diet plan. Another parasite cleanse home remedy involves taking supplements. Switching to an intestinal parasite cleanse diet can help relieve you of your uncomfortable symptoms as well as promote an overall healthy lifestyle.

Natural Parasite Cleanse Diet

A diet for parasite cleanse is one of the best things you can do if you’ve been diagnosed with parasites. Since health is directly related to what we put into our bodies, a diet carefully curated to kill parasites and expel them is just what Mother Nature has in store.

Anti Parasite Diet

You can come up with plenty of parasite cleanse diet recipes by simply incorporating the food we mention. Don’t forget to keep in mind the foods to avoid so your parasite cleanse home remedy is as effective as can be.

Foods to Avoid

If your plan is to follow a natural cleanse for parasites, then one of the most important things you need to do is avoid specific foods. This is because certain foods will only feed parasites and weaken your immune system, allowing them to thrive even if you are filling your body with foods & herbs that are meant to kill them. The food you need to avoid while you’re on a parasite diet include:

    • Sugars
    • Grains
    • Alcohol
    • Dairy
    • Processed foods

Foods that Kill Parasites

Now that we know what foods you should avoid, what can you eat on a parasite clean? Does apple cider vinegar kill parasites? Does coconut oil kill parasites? We’ll fill you in on that shortly. There are tons of foods you can integrate into your diet so you can help kill parasites & keep them out of your body.

These foods are:
    • Anise
    • Baking soda
    • Vinegar
    • Apple cider vinegar
    • Grapefruit seed extract
    • Raw garlic
    • Papaya seeds
    • Carrots
    • Pumpkin seeds
    • Honey
    • Pomegranates

Herbs that Kill Parasites

To compliment your parasite killing foods, you’ll want to make sure you incorporate some of these herbs as well. You can use these herbs while you cook, as a garnish, and you can also make a parasite cleansing tea with them. The following herbs are beneficial of ridding the body of parasites:

    • Berberine
    • Wormwood
    • Curled mint
    • Clove & clove oil
    • Oregano oil
    • Goldenseal
    • Goldthread
    • Neem
    • Triphala
    • Holarrhena
    • Turmeric
    • Sage
    • Tansy
    • Thyme
    • Epazote

Parasite Cleanse Supplements

Many of the foods and herbs we mentioned come in supplement form if that is something you prefer. There are also plenty of medicines that are derived from these foods & herbs that claim to help cleanse your body of parasites.

Keep in mind that you should take it easy when using herbs since some of them can have rough side effects or interactions with medications you’re taking. Like we mentioned earlier, it is always best to consult with a doctor, or even better, a homeopathic practitioner about what the best supplements to use are and how they will interact with your current regimen.

What Scientific Research Says About Parasite Cleanses

There is scientific evidence showing that certain herbs, such as clove, black walnuts, epazote, sage, among many others have been capable of fighting off parasites. On the other hand, there is still much research that needs to be done to clarify the effectiveness of natural treatments for specific strains of parasites. Nonetheless, the health benefits one can gain from following a parasite cleanse can help guide you into a long-lasting practice of healthy habits.

Side Effects and Safety Concerns

You may experience some unexpected side effects when you follow a parasite cleanse, especially if you have a parasite that was foodborne. If you are having some issues and don’t feel like you can continue with a parasite cleanse diet plan, then it is best to stop the regimen and immediately get in touch with your doctor before moving forward with a different parasite treatment.

Before and after parasite cleanse diets, it’s important to take some additional measures. Consult with your doctor whether you are healthy enough to diet during parasite cleanse. After you finish your diet for parasite cleanse, you should continue to implement parasite killing foods & herbs to maintain your health. Be mindful of your day to day life and avoid coming into contact with parasites again by following these simple tips:

  • Avoid water that isn’t purified
  • Don’t bathe in freshwater
  • When traveling, avoid ice & street food
  • Clean your fruits & vegetables thoroughly with a mixture of vinegar & water

What are the Symptoms of Parasite Die Off?

Are you unsure of how to know if parasite cleanse is working? Parasite cleanse side effects can differ from person to person. Some common symptoms of parasites leaving the body include:

    • Headaches
    • Aches & pains
    • Fatigue
    • Rashing
    • Emotional sensitivity
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Increased food cravings
    • Stuffy nose
    • Upset stomach
    • Flu-like symptoms
    • Breakouts

Often these symptoms can be confusing since they may be uncomfortable. Just keep in mind that sometimes you might feel a bit off or uncomfortable before you’ve been completely cured of your parasites.

The Takeaway: A Parasite Cleanse Diet Helps Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

While some more research needs to be done to verify the effectiveness of natural parasite cleanses, it is undeniable that they help promote a healthy lifestyle. Many of the foods & herbs we mentioned have been used since ancient times to promote health & well-being. It doesn’t matter if you have parasites or not, anyone can benefit from eating more beets, carrots, honey, thyme, and other healthy foods.

Always remember, it’s best to get a proper diagnosis from your doctor as well as their clarification that your health is in good standing before beginning a strict natural parasite diet. As long as you do that, you will be able to successfully combat your parasite infection naturally with no problems.

*This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information contained herein is not a substitute for and should never be relied upon for professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of any treatment.