Is It Healthy To Do A Body Detox?

Does your body need help detoxifying itself?

Is It Healthy To Do A Body Detox?
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The internet is full of conflicting information. From experts who claim that your body does just fine without additional detox help to experts who believe your body will benefit from detox supplements, it almost seems confusing as to whether or not it is healthy to do a body detox. 

Before we go into whether or not it is healthy to do a body detox, we should look into what a detox even is.

What Is A Detox?

Detoxification, or detox for short, is a form of body cleansing that removes foreign toxins from your body. Over time, your body accumulates toxins everyone from the environment to the food you eat. Your body benefits from resetting itself every couple of months so that you can optimize your body’s natural ability to detoxify itself.

Doesn’t The Body Detoxify Itself?

Your organs from your liver to your kidney are biologically ready to detect and clear toxins. They’re not just suspended pieces of meat in your body. Each organ serves its purpose, and they can detoxify yourself really well. However, just like a car, your body needs a little help from time to time in keeping its system cleaned and optimized. A detox regimen isn’t doing the detox FOR your body, you’re merely enhancing its ability to do so.

How Do I Help My Body Detoxify?

Helping your body detoxify is as easy as eating the right foods, performing the right activities, following the right healthy habits. You don’t need to make any extreme changes like starving yourself.

However, it would be beneficial to take additional natural supplements to strengthen your detox regimen and help your body naturally detoxify itself.

Let’s take a deeper look at ways you can help your body detoxify.


Getting an adequate amount of sleep might be a little hard since insomnia is a side effect of your body being overloaded with toxins. However, you can try getting better sleep by turning off and putting away all your devices at least thirty minutes before you plan on going to bed. Practicing deep breathing exercises before you go to sleep will help clear your mind from any stress or anxiety that could be exacerbating your insomnia as well.


Exercising helps your body sweat and sweating doesn’t just reduce your stress but keeps you energized as well.

When your body is overloaded with toxins it can cause fatigue and low energy.

You’ll often feel like you have very little energy to get through the day. When you feel lethargic during the day, you might fall into unhealthy eating and drinking habits that could potentially pack on more of toxin overload. When you exercise, your body detoxes itself by flushing out the lungs and cleansing the skin by clearing out your pores. The more you exercise, the more your blood circulates and clears waste on top of aiding your organs in cleansing themselves.

When it comes to exercise, it’s advised to get at least thirty minutes of aerobic exercise a day. When you try to get that much exercise daily, you’ll effectively help your lymphatic system speed up its purpose of ridding your body of toxins. Aerobic exercise also helps your body move the food you’ve consumed along the gastrointestinal tract, so it doesn’t stagnate in your digestive system and build up over time.

Cut Out Or Limit The Amount Of Alcohol You Drink

Your liver is one of the more important organs in your detox system. Your body doesn’t just break down the proteins and fats in your blood, but it is important in processing any alcohol you consume. Because over 90% of alcohol you consume metabolizes through your liver.

Drinking too much can cause an unhealthy buildup of fat and toxins in your liver.

At some point, once your liver becomes too overloaded, it starts having trouble filtering toxins from your body. When your liver can’t perform its most basic function then it can snowball into more detrimental health problems.

Is It Healthy To Do A Body Detox?

When you think about the benefits of detox, it’s hard to think of any reason not to detox. When you look at how to detox your body and the benefits of enhancing your ability to detox your body, it seems confusing as to why experts would dissuade anyone from doing a detox.

As long as you’re doing detox the healthy way, then consuming more healthy food and water while exercising shouldn’t be discouraged. When you’re doing a body detox it’s important to also take supplements with natural ingredients such as hibiscus, a natural ingredient packed with antioxidants.

You should perform a detox and cleanse whenever you’re feeling weighed down physically, mentally, or emotionally. You’ll find it helps you make healthier choices not only in your diet, but in life as well.

*This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information contained herein is not a substitute for and should never be relied upon for professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of any treatment.