Liver Detox Cleanse. How it really works?

How does a liver detox cleanse work?

Liver Detox Cleanse. How it really works?

Your liver’s purpose is to take in nutrients and process waste. It takes almost everything that passes through your body from drugs and alcohol to food and toxins. In fact, it takes time for the liver to process just one alcoholic beverage. The more that you drink, the more it backs up your liver.

When your liver is struggling to break down the alcohol you’re consuming, it puts everything else off to the side which then finds a home in fatty deposits. Your liver needs to process additional enzymes to help with the workload with drugs or alcohol. Too many of these enzymes can cause liver damage in the long run.

The liver does a good job of keeping itself clean, but is there a way to help it out?

Symptoms Of Toxic Overload

Your liver can become overwhelmed. It wasn’t made to handle the hundreds of new toxins that are introduced into our bodies daily through everything from the food we eat to the air we breathe.

If you live in a bigger city where there is air pollution everywhere, then you could be taking in an unhealthy amount of toxins.

These toxins aren’t just processed through your liver but affect your lungs, kidneys, skin, and digestive system as well. Some symptoms include constipation, brain fog, body odor, and skin issues. You could also suffer from fatigue and bloating, so let’s take a deeper look at two of these symptoms that might indicate that you’re ready for liver detox.

Fatigue And Low Energy

Fatigue can be caused by a number of different medical issues, and that’s why it could be difficult to associate fatigue with a toxic liver. However, if you’ve seen a healthcare professional and ran various tests that have shown up negative, but you’re still suffering fatigue, then it might be time to look at a toxic liver as the cause.

Gas That Causes Bloating

Bloating is another symptom that is associated with different medical conditions. Bloating alone might not indicate a toxic liver, but you might want to take a look at it because toxins affect the other organs in your digestive system. Since the liver is such an important organ in your digestive system that helps process toxins, it’s not a surprise that a toxic overload can cause bloating.

How Do You Do A Liver Detox?

Once you’ve determined that you need a liver detox, then it’s time to take a look at everything from the amount of sleep you’re getting to the food that you’re eating.

Some of the worst toxins that can get into your body are heavy metals such as mercury or lead.

Your liver, along with your kidneys, skin, and lungs are all responsible for taking care of the toxins that enter your body daily.

With the exposure that we get from the environment and other sources, it’s important to help your body detox from time to time. Let’s take a look at some healthy and natural ways to detox your body.

Getting Plenty Of Sleep

When you get enough sleep, your body gets plenty of rest. Not only does your brain get enough rest to coordinate the rest of your body at a hundred percent once you’re awake, but your organs get some much-needed reprieve, especially your liver.

When your body doesn’t get enough sleep, it has a harder time functioning because it doesn’t get enough rest. Imagine your liver as a machine that’s constantly running. When it doesn’t get any rest, it doesn’t run as optimally as it can. Sleep is a great addition to any detox routine.

Selenium in Garlic

Selenium, a mineral found in garlic, has been found to help your liver clean out the toxins. Selenium has also been found to help with various other liver diseases as well. It’s basically the superfood if you’re looking for a food that can both bring out the flavor of any meal, as well as help detoxify your liver.

Pectin in Apples

Apples aren’t just healthy for your digestive system because of the soluble fiber, but it also contains a good amount of pectin as well. This pectin helps support your liver as it battles the toxic load your liver has the manage. The pectin also releases elsewhere in your body to help cleanse the rest of your digestive tract.

Water Keeps The Liver Flushed

It’s common knowledge that your body needs water to survive. Your liver is no exception. Water helps flush out the toxins from your liver faster so your liver can stay cleansed and optimal. Imagine water as a power wash for your liver.
Not only does water help your liver detox, but it helps keep your kidneys clear for its own detoxification process. If you notice that your urine is darker yellow, then it's your body’s indication that you’re not hydrated enough.

Detox Supplements

Taking detox supplements are definitely a welcome boost to a natural detox routine. Your organs might detox your body naturally, but they could always use a little bit of support. Taking detox supplements are not a complete replacement for the functions of your liver, but it’s an excellent boost. Just make sure the ingredients in your detox supplements are all-natural.

If you’re feeling all of the symptoms of a toxic liver overload, then it might be time to look at a detox routine that includes natural supplements to help your liver along.