Morning Start Tea

Morning Start Tea is a combination of ingredients which support weight loss process. Yerba Mate helps to burn accumulated body fat. The hydroxycitric acid, which is contained in the extract of Garcinia cambogia, has a beneficial effect on body’s physiological functions associated with digestion processes and metabolism. It helps to reduce the feeling of hunger and thus supports maintaining proper body weight.


Pu-erh tea, hibiscus flower, elderberry fruit, apple peels, rosehip, dry extract of garcinia cambogia.


- stimulates production of digestive juices and stimulates intestine work, which speeds up the metabolism, resulting in fat burning<

- regulates metabolism, regulates body weight

- accelerates toxins removal from body; has diuretic effect

- lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, thus improves circulation

- is rich in minerals and microelements, calcium, manganese and caffeine

- contains significant amounts of essential oils and proteins

- has beneficial effect on internal organs: mainly digestive system and liver

- contained fluoride helps to protect teeth from decay

- improves memory, concentration and mood

- strengthens body

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m pregnant and/or breastfeeding. Is it okay to use Morning Runner products?

Our ingredients are safe for consumption but if you have a bun in the oven…. We are sorry but cleansing your body might have a bad effect on your baby’s development. Forget about cleaning for now and come back when you can have a proper drink. ;)

How long does shipping take?

We process and ship all orders on weekdays within 24 hours. From there it comes down to where you live. Usually it takes up to 72 hours. You can check the delivery status on your order using the DHL tracking number we emailed you.

Oh no... I supplied the wrong address. Can I fix this?

No worries. Our partner, DHL, allows us to change a delivery address up until the day of delivery.

Reply to your order confirmation email and change the subject line to ‘ADDRESS CHANGE: #’ followed by your order number, i.e. ‘ADDRESS CHANGE: #yourordernumber’. Write your correct address in the email and send.

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