Training time. In the morning or in the evening?

What is the best time to exercise?

Training time. In the morning or in the evening?
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Not everyone has the comfort to choose training time freely. Most of us work during a day. What is more efficient for the training - waking up early in the morning or working out between supper and night relaxation?

There are a lot of reasons for waking up earlier. After night sleep our organism is on a burning fat mode - comparatively low level of sugar in blood forces the body use energy from fat. Above that it has been proved that it’s easier to get used to morning exercises than those at the evening. That’s because morning training is one of the first activities during the day so less things can interrupt your plans.

At evenings people often feel too tired or they have some extra duties which impede finding time for exercises. Morning training has one more advantage. If it’s done on an empty stomach, contrary to the popular opinion, it won’t cause loss of muscle mass, but thanks to increase of testosterone level it will improve fat burning and add energy for the whole day. Also during training on an empty stomach the level of growth hormone increases, and that hormone helps to build muscle tissue and reduce the fat tissue.

But it’s worth to know that not everyone can work out on an empty stomach.

Some people feel complete lack of energy because of low blood sugar level and they’re not able to push themselves during training as they would like to. If you find that you’re one of them, it’ll be enough if you eat a small, light breakfast before training.

Evening training can give better results if it’s a strength training. At this time of the day body and mind are well set ‘in motion’ which helps to exercise with proper technique and motivate to more intense exertion. But you aren’t preparing for competition and you don’t want to beat records in lifting weights.

You’re working out to lose weight. Strength training for people willing to lose extra kilograms neither has to be complicated nor requires overcoming high resistances. So even for the strength training morning will be good time for you.

A lot of people are worried that evening training will make it difficult to fall asleep. Usually these worries are baseless, but of course sometimes there’re some exceptions. That’s why it’s worth to check how it works for you. Generally even an intense training doesn’t interfere with sleeping all night, if you’ll have about an hour between finishing the training and bedtime.

Although we think that for people on a diet morning trainings are a better than the evening exercise, it’s essential to move regularly. The time for training is less important. So if you can’t workout in the morning, do it in the evening. If you’ll miss morning training, workout in the evening. Every activity and time dedicated for it has a meaning!

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