How to increase motivation to train?

Check how to help yourself in regular trainings

How to increase motivation to train?
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A solid boost of additional motivation is helpful not only for the beginners. When falling numbers on a scale and health improvement are no longer able to motivate you to exercises, it’s worth to try something new to be in the mood for training again.


Very simple device which won’t ruin your wallet. You can attach it to your belt or upper edge of your sport trousers. You can wear it all day or take it for running. Use pedometer to check how many steps do you do every day. Nowadays an average person does normally up to 5000 steps.

Your goal should be 7-10 thousands steps a day.

The result shown on the screen will be a proof whether your day was active or not. You can also set goals to increase the amount of physical effort in your daily life - do 100-150 steps more every day until you achieve desired 7-10 thousands.

Mp3 player and headphones

Listening to the music while exercising makes time passing by faster. It can also motivate to more intense exertion - probably all runners have their power song - a song listened when there is a crisis during a long run. The most comfortable are small and light players, shockproof, but you can also collect your favourite music on your mobile and use it during training.

It’s useful to have sports headphones which differ from regular ones as they don’t fall out from ears even during a very intensive training. Now even fans of swimming don’t have to forgo a pleasure of listening to the music during training because waterproof players and headphones are already available at stores.

Heart rate monitor

This device consists of a belt worn on a chest and a monitor as a watch on hand. Its big advantage is that it counts pulse in a real time so it informs its users about pace of their heart. The faster the pulse gets the more intensive exertion is and conversely.

That knowledge lets us control our exertion very precisely and follow training progress. More advanced monitors are provided with software which helps keep intensity of exertion on a concrete level - such device informs about too big increase or decrease of the pulse in relation to the planned one.


This device provides information about traveled distance, actual and average speed. It’s able to sum up traveled distances so it records your exertion in numbers. It helps keep planned speed and if you plan to cover a certain distance within a month or a year, it will sum it up for you.

Game console

For every game console (Playstation, Wii, Xbox) sport games are created. You can exercise without leaving home, be breathless, get tired and finally use the device which is always bought for children to your own purposes. You can choose from a wide range of activities from strength training, kickboxing, tennis, bowling to tai-chi and yoga!


Do you have a smartphone? So you also have an access to the countless amount of fitness apps. The most popular among them is Endomondo - it has over 20 million users! Applications can replace the cyclocomputer, can record route and speed of your run.

You can brag about your achievements online, you can create and take part in virtual training groups and take challenges created by others. That way communities which motivate mutually are created. A lot of apps are free or partly free. Those offering the most are obviously payable, but the costs are low. Try: Endomondo, CardioTrainer Pro, JefitPro, Nike Training Club, Adidas MiCoach


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