A diet isn’t a race against time!

Prepare for a marathon, not sprint!

A diet isn’t a race against time!
Written by Our: Morning Runner
Medical Fact Checked by: Dr. Bryan Havoc
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You’re on diet for over 2 weeks now and you still don’t see any evident weight loss... You feel discouraged as you friend has just lost 4 kg on it and you start to think more and more frequently about changing that diet. Don’t make rash decisions! Everyone has their rate of weight loss. Sometimes we just have to wait a bit longer for the effects.

When you start a slimming diet, you expect fast and spectacular results. It’s obvious because everyone counts that sacrifices and bans will be immediately awarded by measurable effects in the amount of lost kilograms.

That causes that your will to continue losing weight isn’t going down and it motivates you to further effort. While being on a diet, especially in the beginning, we’re getting on a scale even several times a day, making precise notes about every tenth parts of the kilogram.

First quick weight loss and then stagnation

That’s how dieting usually looks like. In the beginning body mass declines quite quickly. It’s because our organism use glycogen stored in muscles. It’s well hydrated and that’s why during its consumption you lose a lot of “heavy” water. When organism starts to burn fat, the rate of slimming often slows down.

This is a natural process because fat isn’t as heavy as water, which we lose in the beginning. However, just in that moment the real slimming begins, that one which brings permanent and visible effects.

Everyone loses weight in a different rate

The rate of weight loss depends on various factors. One of them is health condition. Afflictions, as for example hypothyroidism, cause lack or only slight result in body mass loss even with a very strict diet.

It happens because that illness causes a significant dilution of metabolic rate. Because of that even huge energetic deficit won’t be enough for body mass reduction. In that case the only one possibility to see results of slimming is to cure the illness.

Next diet - worse effect

The other reason of a slower body mass loss is low metabolic rate caused for example, by being on diets too often. Every slimming diet causes metabolism to slow down. Organism exposed to frequent caloric deficit starts to get used to reduced energy supply and uses less energy for its own needs. And just because of that, when you start a new diet right after the previous one, you achieve worse results.

You also have to remember that the more kilograms you have to lose the more spectacular results you will achieve in the beginning.

The rate of weight loss for a person who has 60 kg extra will be different compared to a person who wants to lose only 5 kg.

Slowly means permanently

Proper rate of weight loss varies between 1 and 2 kilograms per week. Slow slimming means that you have bigger chances for keeping smaller body mass for good and you won’t be exposed to yo-yo effect. When you’re on diet adequately long you have more time to accept its rules and implement healthy nutrition to your daily plan permanently.

Dieting isn’t like a race. There’s nothing wrong if your effort will last longer than you’ve expected. More important is that your lost kilograms won’t come back with doubled power!

*This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information contained herein is not a substitute for and should never be relied upon for professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of any treatment.