Why is it worth to assist your diet with exercises?

Don't focus only on healthy food! You must move on!

Why is it worth to assist your diet with exercises?
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Medical Fact Checked by: Dr. Bryan Havoc
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Diet plays a main role in the process of losing weight and some people are just content with that. But it’s not the best idea. Weight loss should always be accompanied by activity - in spite of appearances it’s not only because it helps to speed up fat burning. What are other reasons?


That will sound like a truism, but sometimes it’s worth to repeat truisms: to eliminate a problem you have to find its causes and remove them. What causes overweight? Bad way of nutrition and lack of activity. Therefore it’s logical not only to eat rationally during slimming but also to start regular activity.


Being on a diet helps to reduce body mass, but in that case weight loss comes with reduction of fat tissue mass and muscle mass. Meanwhile for a healthy slimming it’s important not to lose muscle mass. Decreasing numbers on a scale should be mostly a result of a fat tissue loss. It’s possible to achieve only through appropriate exercises.


To lose weight it’s necessary to use more energy (burn more calories) than we consume, for a longer time. Only then our body will use energetic reserves accumulated in a fat tissue. Physical activity helps to increase the amount of expended energy. That means it’s allowed to be on a less restrictive diet, and eat more. Through adding activity to the diet you can also increase the pace of weight loss.


Doctor Robert H. Lustig, an American Professor of Clinical Pediatrics who practices in the field of obesity treatment says that there are more important reasons why is it important to keep activity during dieting, than burning calories. Exercises increase muscle sensitivity for insulin, reduce results of stress by reducing level of cortisol (hormone released in response to stress, conducive to obesity), prevent fructose from turning into fat and increase insulin sensitivity of liver.

So physical activity blocks the mechanism of gaining weight - the energy we provide ourselves from food cumulates in the muscles, not in fat tissue.

It also appears that physical movement activates genes responsible for efficient fat burning. Scientists from Case Western Reserve School of Medicine say that after physical activity the amount of substances in our organisms responsible for using fat as energy triples!

Fifthly and finally:

Going on a diet is often connected with being not in the best mood. And the worse mood the bigger risk of giving the diet up. Meanwhile regular physical activity cheers us up. The more effort you put into exercises the bigger injection of endorphins (hormone of happiness). Indeed, it’s not without a reason that psychiatrists recommend everyone with depression to have a fast walk every day. So without any excuse - let’s move!

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